Colorado Couple Charged With Cruelty Again: Help End the Abuse!

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Remember Ken and Lynn Kubic, who owned and operated Jurassic Pets, LLC, and Willards Rodent Factory, where PETA exposed the extreme suffering of rats, mice, reptiles, hedgehogs, and other animals in 2014?

They apparently ignored their convictions on related cruelty-to-animals charges and never stopped abusing and systemically neglecting countless animals.

An August 2016 search of the Kubics' home turned up 53 dead animals and more than 2,000 survivors, many of whom were deprived of water, forced to live amid their own waste, and/or in need of veterinary care.

PETA obtained video and other documentation from the officials' search.

After hearing from PETA about this overwhelming evidence of death, suffering, and neglect, Adams County, Colorado, officials have now charged the Kubics with a total of 72 counts of felony cruelty to animals at their home.

The Kubics have caused countless animals to suffer and die over the years. Help us end this cruelty at last.

The Kubics' Long History of Cruelty and (Losing) Court Battles
In 2014, PETA witnesses worked at two of the Kubics' businesses—their rodent-breeding barn and their Thornton, Colorado, pet store.

Based on PETA's evidence, the Thornton Police Department executed a search warrant at Jurassic Pets on December 10, 2014, that allowed them to rescue some of the mammals, reptiles, and amphibians there. The Kubics and their son, Brian, were charged with a total of 97 counts of cruelty to animals. By August 31, 2016, all three had been convicted of cruelty to animals and ordered not to work with animals.

For years, the Kubics battled the Colorado Department of Agriculture in court over the necessity of licensing their so-called "rodent factory." In April 2016, the Colorado Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court's order that barred the Kubics from operating that business without a license. But in July 2016, former Jurassic Pets employees told state officials that the Kubics had moved animals from their home to a neighbor's house in order to appear to be complying with the court's order.

Descending Into the Kubics' 'Unbelievable' Basement
On August 31, 2016, state and local officials executed a warrant to see just what the Kubics were up to.

Inspectors discovered more than 500 animals—including snakes and other reptiles, hedgehogs, sugar gliders and more—in the Kubics' basement, which reeked of urine and animal waste and which one seasoned inspector called "unbelievable."

Officials found five dead hedgehogs and snakes among row after row of shelving units and stacks of tubs. One snake appeared to have been "dead for quite some time," judging by the odor. A state agent wrote, "Almost all of the snakes did not have water."

Eighteen snakes and a "really emaciated" bearded dragon needed immediate veterinary care for various illnesses and injuries, including respiratory infections, oral and ocular abscesses, dehydration, and neurological issues.

An Adams County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) deputy noted the "sad life" of a lizard named Puppy, the Kubics' prized tegu, whose right arm the deputy noted was "all messed up" with what a veterinarian called "a large lesion."

Puppy, the Kubics’ prized tegu, with a lesion on his right forearm

'You Don't Want a Count on the Maggots, Do You?'

That was one state veterinarian's question as he and other officials tried to count scores of dead, rotting mice and rats in the Kubics' rodent factory—one of several metal sheds on their property.

Two flooded bins held mice who had evidently died of drowning, while a third bin of live mice was rapidly filling with water.

Mice in shallow, crowded bins

Hundreds of mice were kept in small, shallow bins on rack after rack in one of the Kubics' sheds.

Mice in severely crowded bins full of feces

Dozens of mice were kept in tubs containing such an extreme accumulation of feces that their backs scraped against the metal grating.

Severely crowded mice of various ages

Mice of various ages were severely crowded in the filthy bins.

Nearly 1,500 mice and rats who had survived being in the Kubics' possession (to that day) were in small bins and cattle troughs. Hundreds of mice were kept in severely crowded bins which were so "absolutely filthy" that one inspector remarked, "I can't even see the bedding anymore."

A mouse with pups in a filthy bin

Inspectors found countless newborn mice, like these, struggling to survive, along with their mothers.

Remains of a mouse and some survivors atop feces

An agent said that bedding like this was saturated with feces. Many bins also contained dead mice, like this one.

Maggots and more decaying mice in the same bin

Maggots covered part of this bin, which had contained dead mice for so long that it was difficult to count them.

What remained of bedding for these animals was "absolutely saturated with" and "packed full of feces," officials reported. "The smell of ammonia was strong," noted one agent.

Mice in an actively-flooding bin

In 2014, PETA found countless mice drowned in tubs like this and submitted extensive evidence to officials, but no charges were filed.

Two flooded bins of dead mice and a third bin of rotting mice

State and local agents found dead mice who had apparently been neglected and drowned in these three bins.

A dead rat atop a cattle trough of survivors

A state inspector found this dead rat in what remained of the Kubics' "rodent factory."

Sadly, officials left almost 2,000 live animals in desperate need of help with the Kubics that day. Their fate is unknown.

Help Put an End to the Kubic Family's Cruelty!
After PETA obtained the evidence and followed up with officials, the ACSO and 17th Judicial District Attorney charged the Kubics with some of the neglect and suffering that officials had found that day.

Please urge District Attorney Dave Young to prosecute the Kubics to the full extent of the law and, upon any convictions, ask the court to bar the Kubics permanently from all contact with animals and send them to prison. As the Kubics have shown time and time again, nothing short of that will protect animals from them.


Help Put an End to the Kubic Family's Cruelty!


Dear Mr. Young,

Thank you for filing cruelty-to-animals charges against Kenneth and Lynn Kubic. I have a brief but important request of your office as it proceeds with this case.

Your office successfully prosecuted the Kubics in 2016 for similar cruelty to animals at their now-defunct Thornton pet store. They were spared jail time and allowed to continue possessing animals. These new charges show that they failed to learn from their prior prosecution and probation.

Please end this cruelty for good. Should your vigorous prosecution of the Kubics result in conviction(s), please implore the court to bar the defendant(s) permanently from all contact with animals and send them to prison.

It appears that nothing short of that can protect animals from these individuals.

Thank you for your time and service.

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